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Automatically grayed out Images in WPF – Version 2

This post describes a new, improved versions of the AutoGrayableImage introduced in this blog: Why? There were some issues with the original version which made it hard to use in some scenarios. The new version will also include performance improvements and will enable us to use the same approach not only for images, but…

Automatically grayed out Images in WPF

There is a new blog post about this topic with a new improved version of the AutoGrayableImage: The following class is a WPF image control which is directly derived from Image. Therefore it can be used out-of-the-box like the standard WPF Image control. The image will automatically change to a gray scale image when…

Creating a WPF Spinner Control

In this post I will show how to create a spinning progress control in WPF. This is often used to notify the user that a long-running operation is still in progress, without without knowing the current or remaining progress. The result looks like this and will turn infinitely: First of all we create a new…