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React on events that have been handled before

In WPF there are bubbling Routed Events that travel up the visual tree until they are marked as handled by an event handler. This is for example the click event of a button control. The code behind of this can be for example: The mouse click event is set to handled in the button click…

Network Analysis System Professional (NAS Pro) 3.0 veröffentlicht

Die Version 3 von Network Analysis System Professional (NAS Pro) wurde veröffentlicht. Verbesserungen: Komplette Überarbeitung aller Funktionen Unterstütuzung weiterer Datenbanksysteme Erweiterungen in PERT-Diagrammen Rechteverwaltung Konfigurationsfreier Start nach der Installation. uvm.

Automatically grayed out Images in WPF – Version 2

This post describes a new, improved versions of the AutoGrayableImage introduced in this blog: Why? There were some issues with the original version which made it hard to use in some scenarios. The new version will also include performance improvements and will enable us to use the same approach not only for images, but…

ExifRenamer 1.0.0 veröffentlicht

Ein neues Tool zum Umbenennen von Bildern anhand der Exif-Daten der Bilder ist im Download-Bereich verfügbar.

Schnellkäfersammlung im National History Museum

Die Schnellkäfersammlung (Elateridae) von Rainer ist im National History Museum in London angekommen: Link: Schimmel Collection

Using Enums in ASP.NET MVC

If you use enumerations, you usually prefer not to see the internal value of the enum in the GUI, but a human readable (maybe localized) string. The following example shows how easy it is to accomplish that in ASP.NET MVC. We use the following example class that represents a change in a software: public class…

Listening to Changes of DependencyProperties – DependencyPropertyWatcher

Dependency properties are widely used in WPF controls. However there is no buid-in way to listen to changes of such properties. The following class is a generic watcher for dependecy properties: public class DependencyPropertyWatcher<T> : DependencyObject, IDisposable { /// <summary> /// Value of Value Property /// </summary> public static readonly DependencyProperty ValueProperty = DependencyProperty.Register( „Value“,…

Creating ComboBox with System Colors in XAML

This snippet shows how to display a list of system colors in XAML only. First we create ab object data source containing the list of colors: <ObjectDataProvider ObjectInstance=“{x:Type Colors}“ MethodName=“GetProperties“ x:Key=“ListOfColors“ /> This data source obtains the list of colors from the properties of the Colors type. In the next step we define a data…

Workaround for the „File“ Bug in the WPF RibbonControlsLibrary

This post shows how to overcome an annoying bug in the Microsoft RibbonControlsLibrary. When you define the ribbon and change the label of the „File“ menu, the changed text is not shown, instead you’ll always see the „File“ text. Especially when you want to define your own localized strings, this can be a show stopper.…

Data Binding to Visibility Property

The following describes how to used a converter to directly bind your ViewModel properties to the Visibility of controls in your view. First we define a converter that converts a boolean value into a Visibility enum value and back. [ValueConversion(typeof(bool), typeof(Visibility))] public class VisibilityConverter : IValueConverter { public object Convert(object value, Type targetType, object parameter,…